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City of Concord, CA Police Department

DUI Defense for Residents of Concord

Population: Approximately 127,000.

Concord Police Department is comprised of 145 sworn officers.

DUI Enforcement from City of Concord Police Department

Approximate number of DUI arrests per year 780. Most arrests are made by the Traffic Bureau. DUI enforcement activity is dispersed throughout the city. High DUI saturation activity occurs along the corridors of Clayton Road, Willow Pass Road, Concord Blvd., Monument Blvd. and Market St.. Because of its central location, sharing borders with a number of other cities arrestees tend to be from different cities in the area.

A bi-product of the department’s aggressive pursuit of state and federal grant money for DUI enforcement activities is the fact that most Concord Police Department Officers do conduct a form of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. (SFST). Most grant funding comes from the Department of Transportation (federal agency) and Office of Traffic Safety (OTS-state agency), which require administration of NHTSA SFST during DUI enforcement action. Despite administering the NHTSA SFST most of the officers have not completed the certified NHTSA training program, rather receive an abbreviated version of training at the department.

The Concord Police Department generally uses an Alco-Sensor IV Preliminary Alcohol breath testing (PAS) device at the scene of arrest. Implied Consent breath tests are given on the Drager Alco-Test 7110 MKIIIC as are all breath tests in Contra Costa County. The Drager 7110 breath tests are administered at the Concord Police Station. Blood Tests are generally administered at the Concord Police Department by phlebotomists from Central Medical Laboratories (CML) through a contract with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Toxicology Unit.

DUI Checkpoints Concord, CA

The Concord Police Department is fairly prolific in their checkpoint operations. A Sergeant is specially assigned to oversee checkpoint activity, including solicitations for grants, as well as organization and supervision of checkpoint activity. As a result checkpoints in Concord occur on a fairly regular basis at various times throughout the year, as many as one per month. The funding they receive from grants allows the Department to conduct Saturation Patrols, Warrant Sweeps, Court Stings and DUI Stakeouts.

Joint Operations

The Concord Police Department is part of the “Avoid the 25” an association of 25 local agencies who join resources for saturation patrols, checkpoints and other enforcement actions. The Contra Costa County Avoid the 25 Anti-DUI Task Force funding is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Underage Drinking

The Concord Police Department generally incorporates an education component within their grant proposals that earmarks funds for activities such as “Every 15 Minutes”, and Underage Decoy Sting Operations.

Local Police Blog: concord-ca.patch.com

After years of experience in Contra Costa County, attorney at The Law Office of Johnson & Johnson have gained a great deal of information and knowledge regarding the DUI enforcement operations of the Concord Police Department.

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