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How Do You Work With Medical And Forensic Experts To Defend Clients Wrongfully Accused Of Child Abuse?

When defending clients who have been wrongfully accused of child abuse, it is important to obtain every piece of information from the time the child was born to the time of the injury in order to have a full understanding of what the child has experienced during their life. Next, an objective, evidence-based expert who specializes in analyzing the type of injury involved should be retained. It is important to avoid experts who have been indoctrinated to the point that they believe injuries tend to be non-accidental. The expert should be provided with the medical records and the particular circumstances of the case so that they can make an assessment of the overall situation.

The typical government-affiliated child abuse expert is not going to consider all of the medical history and background of the child or carry out a thorough investigation; they will give a generic response about the injury and try to say that the nature of the injury suggests that it was sustained as the result of abuse. However, in many situations, the mere nature of an injury does not say anything about how it was caused. For example, if a child has a broken bone, there is nothing about that broken bone in and of itself that would suggest non-accidental trauma. Making this type of determination requires looking at the child’s history and current circumstances, and considering alternative explanations or differential diagnoses from a medical standpoint. This is something that most child abuse experts and medical providers will ignore, and this leads to false charges of child abuse.

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