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Oakland Criminal Defense Lawyers

Representing Those Involved in Criminal Defense, Juvenile Dependency, Juvenile Delinquency, and Civil Rights Matters

At The Law Offices of Johnson & Johnson, our trial-tested Oakland criminal defense attorneys are ready to do what is legally necessary to protect your rights and future. We are an experienced team that handles a range of legal matters, including criminal defense, juvenile dependency, juvenile delinquency, and civil rights. Each of our attorneys focuses on primary areas of practice, but because those areas intersect in unique ways, we are able to work together to share insight and resources. Our collaborative and innovative approach allows us to build comprehensive strategies focused on protecting our clients' best interests. We recognize the impacts the outcome of a case can have on a person's life, which is why we press on in even the most complex issues.

Any legal matter can be confusing and overwhelming. Fortunately, you have the right to have an attorney by your side throughout your case. Receiving sound guidance and counsel can help relieve some of the stresses you're facing, as your lawyer can explain the legal process in understandable terms and help you realize that options exist for seeking an optimal result. At The Law Offices of Johnson & Johnson, our Oakland criminal defense lawyers will treat you with the respect and professionalism you deserve and ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions about how your case proceeds.

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Oakland Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being charged with a crime does not mean you're guilty of the offense. One of the pillars of the American criminal justice system is the presumption of innocence. That means the prosecutor must prove beyond acriminal defense attorney Oakland CA reasonable doubt that you committed the crime. You have the right to face your accuser and challenge the evidence against you. You also have the right to have an attorney represent you throughout your case. At The Law Offices of Johnson & Johnson, our Oakland criminal defense are here to stand by your side and provide the counsel you need to defend your innocence. We will thoroughly analyze the facts of your case to determine what defenses and legal options are available to you.

Oakland Juvenile Dependency Lawyer

An allegation that you abused or neglected your child or children can lead to a Child Protective Services investigation. Depending on the CPS worker's findings, your child or children may be taken from you and placed in protective care. Attorney Carin Johnson's primary area of practice is juvenile dependency, and she fights to protect parents’ rights. She is here to stand up for you at every stage of your case. Whether you are being investigated or going through court hearings, she will pursue solutions to seek to keep your family together.

Juvenile Delinquency Attorney in Oakland

Juvenile courts handle cases involving minors accused of crimes. The system is different from that which an adult would go through. If the judge determines that the child committed the offense, the child may be subject to various sanctions, which can include placement in a juvenile detention facility. Because of the impacts this can have on the child and the family as a whole, it's crucial that, if your child has been accused of an offense, you speak with a member of our team as soon as possible. At The Law Offices of Johnson & Johnson, our Oakland juvenile delinquency lawyer will fight vigorously to seek the best possible outcome for your child.

Oakland Civil Rights Lawyer

Every person in this country is afforded certain rights. If a government official violates those rights and causes harm to someone, they, or the agency they work for, could be held liable for damages they caused. Taking legal action against a police officer, CPS worker, or other government official requires in-depth knowledge of the law and a firm grasp of the legal process. Our civil rights attorney in Oakland does not tolerate injustices committed at the hands of those sworn to protect us. If you were a victim of misconduct, we will fight to seek justice on your behalf.

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