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How Can An Attorney Help To Mitigate A CPS Investigation?

An attorney can educate you, explain to you how CPS works, and guide you to a place where CPS doesn’t have ongoing safety concerns about you or your household. A lot of times when Social Services has a referral and they are investigating it, an attorney can help you get started on finding the right kind of class to get an education on the issues of concern. Before you even talk to the social worker, you might have already enrolled in domestic violence classes or parenting classes. You start getting an education on better ways to handle kids that don’t resort to physical discipline or abuse. You’ve already addressed any future concerns.

You may even say you think this would be a good class for anybody and bring a couple of your friends with you because they have kids the same age. You are showing the social worker that you get it. You already enrolled in classes and your community is going to join you because their sons and daughters are doing the same things yours were. You’re addressing the current concern, addressing the future risk of concern, and also building a community where you can share with other parents what works and what doesn’t work. Social Services is out there to redirect bad behavior but if you are already directing yourself in the right direction, there is no need for them to step in and tell you what to do.

Who Can All Be Present In An Interview That CPS Conducts With My Child?

Generally, social workers want you to come down to talk to them and bring your children. They will want you to bring the child in question and also their siblings, many times. They’ll want to talk to all the children separately. The children are entitled to have a support person with them, like an aunt or a neighbor. It’s better for the child because they’ve got someone they know there and it’s not so scary. It’s also better for the family because the aunt or neighbor is a future witness as to what the child said and did not say.

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