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What Happens Once A Dependency Case Is Filed?

A dependency case can be extremely harmful to your family. Once a dependency case is filed, you will have to deal with a social worker and a minor’s counsel. Generally, you won’t be treated very well. Sometimes, you’ll get lucky and you will have a great social worker who is compassionate. Some of them are very opinionated, jaded, unhappy, judgmental, and don’t ask nearly enough questions to get to know the family well enough. You see a lot of inaccuracies in the reporting of the things you say and do, your attitude, and the relationships that they view between you and your children. It can be terrible. This is why the critical stage of a CPS case is in the very beginning. Cooperating means a lot because they have a lot of power and a lot of their power is unchecked.

Some cases that CPS can file against a family are very critical, like sexual abuse or serious physical abuse. Those kinds of cases could be fast track allegations to termination of your parental rights. Those are very intense cases that have to be handled carefully. It’s critical that you have an attorney who is vested in time, energy, and knowledge when you have these heavy cases. If handled improperly with someone who does not know what they are doing, you could lose your child and they will put you on a fast track to make that happen. If we don’t fight from the very beginning, you are going to be dragged along by the system for months before anyone pays attention to what the real facts are in the case.

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