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DUI Enforcement Programs in the Bay Area

DUI Campaigns Are Funded by State and Federal Grants

Local law enforcement agencies are getting more aggressive in DUI stops with the increasing flow of grant dollars from the federal and state governments.

The Law Offices of Johnson & Johnson know Walnut Creek and the surrounding agencies’ tactics extremely well, since they are all part of the “Avoid the 25” Anti-DUI Task Force who combine resources for saturation patrols, checkpoint stops, DUI dragnets, targeted areas and more.

After years of experience in Contra Costa County, attorneys at The Law Offices of Johnson & Johnson have gained a great deal of valuable information and knowledge regarding DUI enforcement operations of the various police and sheriffs departments.

Court and Law Enforcement DUI Stings

This is becoming a more common and troubling practice of Judges directing court staff to follow defendants out of the courtroom after a hearing or arraignment to try to witness a possible license violation if they drive away themselves.

A more sophisticated sting operation conducted by law enforcement, is by working with the District Attorneys Office and by using court records, the California Law Enforcement Tracking System (CLETS) and DMV records to figure out who is going to be in court on a particular date. The defendants are then subjects of a “courthouse stake-out” and are arrested again if they drive on a suspended license.
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Saturation Patrols

Increased funding from the federal and state government has resulted in the explosion of saturation or patrols performed independently by a given police department or in conjunction with other local police departments or sheriffs. The agencies use the funding to pay overtime to officers who conduct late night patrol operations specifically targeting DUI traffic stops. This dubious practice gives law enforcement a financial incentive to stop motorists looking for DUIs.
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If you feel that you were the subject of pre-textual stop, prolonged detention, or arrested from a saturation patrol, do not hesitate to contact our office today to schedule a consultation to discuss the circumstances of your traffic stop and arrest at (925) 900-5330.

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